1301 Preston Way

September 12, 2007


Update 1

The Demolition


Thought you may like to be up on the latest with the “Green” home we are building.

We have to start somewhere, and we’re knocking down the old to make way for the new.  I have some HD Video of the demo, but this still photo captures the current state of the project. 

Unfortunately the cost of deconstruction was double the cost of demo ($12,000 vs. $24,000) so we reluctantly decided to bulldoze the house which was done on Friday. We were able to get some folks by to take advantage of the free beautiful roof tiles and the number of pavers that were used and stacked around the exterior of the house so it wasn't a total "landfill" waste.  Through my work on City Councilman Rosendahl's Environmental Congress I'd like to find ways for the City to make the deconstruction process a more cost effective and viable option rather that see all this go into our landfills.

Today the remains are being loaded into trucks and hauled off.  We are keeping one large pepper tree and will begin grading the property either today or tomorrow. 

Our Title 24 submission is being prepared and we hope to have our building permit by late October or sooner.

As soon as the website for the project is up, I will send you the link.  If you want to know more about this project or about building green, I’d welcome the call.